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bored... can you tell

you will be confused.

given... yor 20 years old and fighting the war, but did you just tell me you have kids at home that you miss. and a wife.

its becoming harder and harder to understan what is normal and what it not.

there is a good portion of people in the world that fuck everything and everything gets fuckign pregnant ( all this at a young age )

and today in school karen called jenell a slut. cause she is. she sucks cock. what a band whore

people are starving in this world, and we can't do anything about it

but there is enough money to make a movie where chris rock could be the president...

well if the war shit on tv is depressing you. change the channel. when that don't work and you land on another channel change it again. and when you finally realize that its on every fucking channel. turn it off and realize that.... this is what life is going to be like for the next few weeks maybe even months....

do you knwo that feeling when you take a huge dump
do you know that feeling when a huge dump goes back up your ass

ps jenell is still a band dick sucking slut.
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