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your guess is as good as mine

walking into walls to feel yourself get alittle dumber. how about that. im num from the hair line down. i should have expected this. the piece of my brain removed through my eye is hung on a piece of string around my neck. its fashionable and matches the untamed smile on my face. the color goes well with my shoes. nothing better then matching. you almost feel complete. but not this time somethings missing. i scratch my head only to miss cause i forgot how to move my arms..... its an old war injury. charlie was in the trees and shot me in the knee and i broke both my arms falling on badluck.
if you can look me in the eye and tell me my name without looking at my underwear then we can be best friends. im starting to think that tag doens't have the answers. apparently mom just wrote my name instead of my purpose. a purpose for life. i suppose thats optional. i was born with a thought. if you ever see my room its written on the wall. this is a good way to remember things when you wear your brain around your neck and my heart on the wall. not even proud enought to wear it on my sleave. CAUSE I WIPE MY FUCKIGN NOSE ON MY SLEAVE. not a very clean place

i got a rash on my balls. talk about a bad day.....
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