... (xxdiecompletexx) wrote,

i want reason.
i want purpose.
i want to be more important to "loved ones"
i want whats going to happen to never happen

list number 2
i am a bitch
i am gay
i am gay
i am gay
i complain. i try to make things change. but it all stays the same
i can pretend im more then what i am. but the weekdays = weekends = i am nothing more then a kid on a couch. but im still heart bound. still dizzy. still in love. but i am still nothing.

i am a good topic of conversation. just ask around...... i am iam iam iam amim amiamaaima maima aiama amamamaiaiaiama aiama aiamaa aiama a mamamaam iam iamaiamiamiamiamiamiam iam i am not perfect. but that just helps don't it...
i hate bands. i hate things i can't say.
i am mike pehns friend
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April 1 2003, 22:48:52 UTC 14 years ago

That you are, buddy.

-Mike P.
yeah who the heck is this mike pehn character that you're so obsessed with? haaaaaaaaaa.

oh and p.s. you sound like the biggest weirdo on your journal. pussy. <3.
"haaaaaaaaaa." imagine yourself saying that.

imagine youself saying that while on a maryhaven bus
screw you.

and you never answered my question. who the heck is mike pehn?



April 5 2003, 08:17:09 UTC 14 years ago

she totally said pussy...........