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last show [11 Apr 2003|03:28am]
Friday, APRIL 25th 5:30 $8
the Promise
the Backup Plan
On the Rise (record release for Bridge 9 debut)
Crime in Stereo
the Reformation

Port Jefferson Elks lodge. northern parkway turns into 347. take 347 to rt 112, go south, it's on your left side, big parking lot.
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[31 Mar 2003|01:57am]
i want reason.
i want purpose.
i want to be more important to "loved ones"
i want whats going to happen to never happen

list number 2
i am a bitch
i am gay
i am gay
i am gay
i complain. i try to make things change. but it all stays the same
i can pretend im more then what i am. but the weekdays = weekends = i am nothing more then a kid on a couch. but im still heart bound. still dizzy. still in love. but i am still nothing.

i am a good topic of conversation. just ask around...... i am iam iam iam amim amiamaaima maima aiama amamamaiaiaiama aiama aiamaa aiama a mamamaam iam iamaiamiamiamiamiamiam iam i am not perfect. but that just helps don't it...
i hate bands. i hate things i can't say.
i am mike pehns friend
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your guess is as good as mine [30 Mar 2003|04:52am]
[ mood | witty - there is no icon???? ]

walking into walls to feel yourself get alittle dumber. how about that. im num from the hair line down. i should have expected this. the piece of my brain removed through my eye is hung on a piece of string around my neck. its fashionable and matches the untamed smile on my face. the color goes well with my shoes. nothing better then matching. you almost feel complete. but not this time somethings missing. i scratch my head only to miss cause i forgot how to move my arms..... its an old war injury. charlie was in the trees and shot me in the knee and i broke both my arms falling on badluck.
if you can look me in the eye and tell me my name without looking at my underwear then we can be best friends. im starting to think that tag doens't have the answers. apparently mom just wrote my name instead of my purpose. a purpose for life. i suppose thats optional. i was born with a thought. if you ever see my room its written on the wall. this is a good way to remember things when you wear your brain around your neck and my heart on the wall. not even proud enought to wear it on my sleave. CAUSE I WIPE MY FUCKIGN NOSE ON MY SLEAVE. not a very clean place

i got a rash on my balls. talk about a bad day.....

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[30 Mar 2003|02:15am]

i have the feeling im not who i thought i was.
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[24 Mar 2003|02:32am]
i put words in my head. i form sentences. i break them up when they come off my tongue. what i want to say doesn't seem to work out right. i wish i could get it out see how it lands on the heads of those who need to hear it. you need to hear it. i have something to say that won't settle for deaf ears. im not letting go of what i love. im not sitting down the watch this wash away. i will fight. and if i fail it wouldn't be the first so ill continue. but at least i fought for something. its more than what you can say right now.
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[22 Mar 2003|02:12am]
mike pehn...... if you don't know him or read his writings you need to rethink your purpose in life.

ill spook you all
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[22 Mar 2003|02:04am]
backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace till your hand falls off backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace backspace hey buddy watch where you walking backspace backspace backspace backspace

"im pregnant" said the girl who had sex for the very first time
"i tested negative for hiv" said the girl who slept with her whole block in the same day....... and had sex with all of rhode island


"im pregant" the same girl who had sex for the first time
"who are you" said the boy who shared her first experience


:::i won't right what i orginally wrote hear. it made me really upset::::

i am not real, i am not alive
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current events at the .... [22 Mar 2003|01:42am]
i hearby claim this land...

we are on a mission (aka project cut off your filthy hands)
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high pitched noise with a delay [21 Mar 2003|01:12am]
karen and jenel fought today. i saw the whole thing

super unleaded smells better and smoother then regular unleaded. its just so expensive. regular unleaded makes my eyes feel liek they will fall out. maybe i should just use rubber cement.
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bored... can you tell [19 Mar 2003|11:42pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

you will be confused.

given... yor 20 years old and fighting the war, but did you just tell me you have kids at home that you miss. and a wife.

its becoming harder and harder to understan what is normal and what it not.

there is a good portion of people in the world that fuck everything and everything gets fuckign pregnant ( all this at a young age )

and today in school karen called jenell a slut. cause she is. she sucks cock. what a band whore

people are starving in this world, and we can't do anything about it

but there is enough money to make a movie where chris rock could be the president...

well if the war shit on tv is depressing you. change the channel. when that don't work and you land on another channel change it again. and when you finally realize that its on every fucking channel. turn it off and realize that.... this is what life is going to be like for the next few weeks maybe even months....

do you knwo that feeling when you take a huge dump
do you know that feeling when a huge dump goes back up your ass

ps jenell is still a band dick sucking slut.

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WAR BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE [19 Mar 2003|10:28pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Sunday March 23rd
The Port Jefferson Elks Lodge, 4:30pm, $8
Calima - Man is the Monster - New Ground
Fall of Icarus - Her Last Words - Heads vs Breakers
Gabriel - Strongpoint - Subterfuge

631 comp cd release

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fuck [23 Aug 2002|04:31pm]
[ mood | not feeling like a person ]

so this in the last time
but the only time like this
"so how about this weather"
grey and thick.. not so summer
but not exactly fall
but we all fall don't we?
fall - just another way to sound conformed
when you feel liek this you got an army (be all you can be)
and army of those who like the status
spell it out
well we got enough tissues to go around
and enough eyes to watch
cause you want them all to see
but me...
i got a room
i got a tune
i got a pen
i got a feeling
a stomach that hates me
eyes that turn red when wet
and a nose fast then a 17 year old soon to be....
a soon to be mommy
*(when her kid grows up will "mommy" be a slut in his eyes)*
a friend who needs a friend
that same one is in hiding
i got a girl
she wears beauty in her eyes
a heart you can break (not for another year)
a mind that makes me negative
friends with broke fingers (whats a phone)
a friend i shit on cause i got broken fingers (whats a phone)
a past to piss on
a memory crystal clear
so at least
so at least ill never forget
and all i remember is where my bed is
and all i forgot was what its like to be held

a heart you can break
remember a heart you can break
remember a heart you can break
remember a heart you can break
remember a heart you can break
remember a heart you can break
remember a heart you can break

*damn this weather*

for what its worth i forgot to put in my username before and i lost this whole thing when i hit back and had to remember it and type it again. man today sucks

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[18 Aug 2002|11:26pm]
[ mood | sick ]

i know a girl who is pregnant she is 17 and dated my friend.

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